Studio AvantGarda | Photography by Roohshad Garda | Sparsha & Pranay's Wedding


Sparsha & Pranay's next-day-edit Teaser Video:

(Dont forget to turn up your screen brightness and volume, and smash that full screen button ;) )


If you are having issues viewing the video, please try switching to the free Chrome browser on a laptop (Safari seems to have a few bugs after the new update). Alternatively, click HERE to view this video through a google link :)   



Above is a quick teaser trailer from the wedding, a full length video will follow shortly.

If you click on any image below, you'll be taken to a gallery with a few more of our fav images, more images will follow as soon as Sparsha and Pranay and their family (hint hint aunty) finish selecting their favorite images so bookmark this link and check back in a while. To access the main gallery, you will need a password, which you can get from Sparsha or Pranay.