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Studio AvantGarda is composed of Roohshad Garda and his highly consummate team. Roohshad Garda is an accomplished, vogue photographer; with a unique style of photography that infuses a passion of character and substance, to create fine-art portraiture and photojournalism. Having photographed events from New York City to Bangkok, Roohshad is as much a wayfarer as a photographer.

He was recently chosen as a featured photographer for the Smart Photography magazine, and was on the panel of judges for the Wedding Photographer of the Year Contest (India) in 2009-10. But accomplishments only mean so much, the person holding the camera makes the difference, his personality is the difference.

Studio Avantgarda will help you preserve life’s moments, which in reality are all too brief. Our services include portraits, weddings, events, newborns, travels, products, lifestyles, entertainments, seasons – you name it – if there’s a moment of celebration, we will be honored to capture them for you and your loved ones. We are available to shoot on location or in our studio. For a glimpse of something real, check out the pictures on this website. You will see why we enjoy shooting weddings this much, and you will also see what a darn good job we do of it! Immerse yourselves in the wonder of it all!

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