Welcome to Manvitha & Rohan's Wedding being streamed live from Hyderabad, India.

For the best video experience we suggest you CLOSE all other windows you have open.

If for some reason you video freezes for more than 10 seconds, perhaps REFRESH your window.

If your video is freezing often, your internet connection might be a tad bit slow, or you might have too many applications and pages open. Perhaps try restarting your device and open only one page to view the live stream. Also if you are trying from you're phone and it doesn't work, try on a desktop, and vice versa :)

We're sure you'll enjoy your viewing experience, but please keep in mind that due to Covid times, we have to operate the live stream with only a one camera setup, and so your viewing experience is limited to something more like a zoom call rather than our usual grand setup with multiple camera angles and cameras on cranes. Have a great time and don’t forget to send good vibes to these two lovely humans.

-Team Avantgarda

PS: if something goes very wrong and it doesn’t work, hit us up on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll get it sorted  





 Scroll down below for a few images from the past events of yesterday and the day before. More on www.instagram.com/studioavantgarda




As soon as the event starts, you will see the video in the box above. In the mean time you can check out our Wedding Portfolio in the link on the top of the page :)